Diomede Neo

Diomede Neo

Diomede Neo is critical care ventilator that acts electro-pneumatically. This device has a variety of advanced models that can be used as invasive and non-invasive ventilator.
Diomede Neo is designed to be used by adult, pediatric and neonate patients who require invasive and noninvasive ventilatory support, for a short or long period and it allows monitoring the main ventilatory parameters, it is explain that neonate category and neonatal operation modes are possible with device software upgrade. The equipment provides care for patients able or unable to make their own breathing efforts. The 18.5 inch touch screen features all the parameters of the patient’s exhalation with the wave form. The device is equipped with an electronic power supply that connects to the mains power and also is able to work with the battery as an alternative. Setting up the pneumatic parts is done by connecting to the supplemental Oxygen and Air. During mechanical ventilation, this device does not receive any energy from the patient and does not discharge any energy in the patient’s body. After entering the gases into the pneumatic section, regulated flow are controlled by a set of proportional valves, pressure sensors and regulators and the required air flow is transmitted to the patient through the inspiratory valves.

Special Features

Ventilator Cloud
					Data Monitoring Ventilator Cloud
Data Monitoring
User Friendly
					User Friendly
"Easy to Start"
					Ventilator Functional
High Resolution
					18.5 High Resolution
					View Overall
					Setting Parameters
					Modes Smart
Touch Screen
					LCD Touch Screen

Intelligent Features


ETCO2: Partial Pressure at the end of Expiration
PECO2: Mean Expired CO2 Partial Pressure
VD/VT: Ratio between the Serial Dead Space and the Current Volume
Va: Alveolar Volume of Each Breath
Vd: Serial or Anatomical Dead Space Volume of each Breath
VTCO2: CO2 expired Volume per Breath


Atlantamed Diomede Neo

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