Dion is a high technology ventilator. It made by turbine which is a main part of producing Air gas so it in depends to sources of compressors or central gas. It acts electro-pneumatically and uses in intensive care units. This device has a variety of advanced models that can be used as invasive and non- invasive ventilator for dual-mode to adult or pediatric patients.
The 18.5 inch touch screen features all the parameters of the patient’s exhalation with the wave form. The device is equipped with an electronic power supply that connects to the mains power and also is able to work with the battery as an alternative. Setting up the pneumatic parts is done by connecting to the supplemental Oxygen and Air.
In the pneumatic system, first air passes through a filter to remove dust and small particles. Then according to user’s demand, combines with oxygen. Oxygen is admitted to the device through one of the two inlets: low pressure inlet or high pressure inlet. Then air and oxygen are combined in the turbine (blower). The blower provides the pressure and the flow based on the user’s settings. The Flow and the pressure of the gas are adjusted by the values fed-back from the pressure and flow sensors in the airway, controlling the blower’s speed and the position of a rotary valve. The rotary valve is connected to a stepper motor and is located immediately after the blower. Reading the values measured by sensors, controlling the blower’s speed and changing the valves status are all administrated by the microcontroller.

Special Features

Ventilator Cloud
					Data Monitoring Ventilator Cloud
Data Monitoring
User Friendly
					User Friendly
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					Ventilator Functional
High Resolution
					18.5 High Resolution
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					Setting Parameters
					Modes Smart
Touch Screen
					LCD Touch Screen

Intelligent Features


ETCO2: Partial Pressure at the end of Expiration
PECO2: Mean Expired CO2 Partial Pressure
VD/VT: Ratio between the Serial Dead Space and the Current Volume
Va: Alveolar Volume of Each Breath
Vd: Serial or Anatomical Dead Space Volume of each Breath
VTCO2: CO2 expired Volume per Breath


Dion Catalog

Atlantamed Dion Catalog

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